Andrew’s choice of architecture for a profession wasn’t influenced by any one person, or even by an appreciation for buildings themselves, but by the impact that responsible design could have.

“Architecture was self-inspired through being outdoors a lot, and fostering a sense of environmental stewardship,” Andrew said. “I did a lot of work with the Appalachian Mountain Club with the volunteer trail crews, and I realized that architecture could be a means toward making a difference.”

With a burgeoning interest in design as a teen, Andrew took it upon himself to learn more. He started attending architecture lectures in the Boston area during high school. He recalls seeing Thom Mayne at MIT after he won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. It was around this time that he received a fortuitous opportunity – a friend who had a summer internship lined up at a local architecture firm, realized how interested Andrew was in design, and passed on her spot to him instead.

Andrew eventually chose to attend Northeastern University. While pursuing both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture, Andrew was able to study abroad in Germany for a semester, and worked for two different local firms as part of Northeastern’s co-op program. He joined Centerbrook upon completion of the M.Arch program in 2018.

Growing up in Andover, Massachusetts, Andrew got involved in community outreach and events early and often. In addition to his involvement with the Appalachian Mountain Club, he was an Eagle Scout. He later volunteered a summer with Habitat for Humanity. Andrew also served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Portugal in between his undergraduate and graduate studies at Northeastern.

Likewise, Andrew intends to be immersed in the Centerbrook culture by helping out with continuing education programming and recreational activities. In his pursuit of licensure, Andrew also plans to bring additional qualifications to the firm by seeking a sustainability certification.

Andrew was a competitive rower while in school, including two years as a varsity athlete at Northeastern, and was excited to join a rowing club in nearby Old Lyme, Connecticut. In addition to rowing, he enjoys all types of watersports and is an avid hiker.