After studying and practicing architecture in her native Russia, Anna came to the United States to earn her Master’s in Architecture at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. Before joining Centerbrook in 2012, she worked for firms in Chicago, Illinois and Newport Beach, California. Her design experience encompasses a wide range of local and international projects from urban planning and resort hospitality to retail, residential, and mixed-use. “I love the opportunity to participate in the diverse and collaborative atmosphere at Centerbrook,” she says. “I appreciate that every project here is unique, shaped by the individual qualities of design team members.” She has contributed to the design of a new residence hall at Sacred Heart University, the Quinnipiac University School of Law building, a housing project at St. Paul’s School, and the new Keystone Academy in Beijing, China. Anna’s love for art and history and her international roots have given her a distinct vantage point to view American architecture and culture: “I am impressed at how much and how well Americans value and have preserved their history and historic buildings. I applaud the genius and daring of American 20th century architecture, although I believe that recent buildings often are forced to trade character for comfort and regulated predictability.”

Anna’s goal is to preserve the modern architectural practice as a form of art. New buildings should be more than compliant structures but express the meaning and values of our world.
She says: “For me, architecture is not about the objects, it is about the human experience, the story that buildings tell and how they influence the environment and the people.”


  • LEED BD+C accredited professional
  • Professional six-year Architectural degree from Moscow Architectural Institute
  • Certified Yoga instructor, teaching weekly yoga at Centerbrook
  • Lifelong passion for art