Thanks to a liberal arts education and a Connecticut Yankee upbringing, Chris has enjoyed a peripatetic career. It has encompassed two continents, working for a house wright doing historical renovations, running his own car detailing business, and an inside-the-Beltway position that gave him entre to the Oval Office. While earning his Bachelors in Political Science, Phi Beta Kappa, from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, he gave campus tours and spent one semester as an intern in the office of United Stated Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. After graduation, Chris served for four years as a member of the Senator’s staff, after which he was appointed to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. This position entailed fact-finding tours of Eastern European nations and negotiating agreements with officials to ensure that historic cemeteries and other heritage sites were being protected – a requirement for admission into NATO.

After globetrotting for several years, Chris and his wife Kim decided to return to their native state. She taught and he went to work for The Nature Conservancy as an Assistant Director of Philanthropy. In 2003 he joined Centerbrook as Director of Marketing with responsibilities for developing and implementing the firm’s outreach and marketing strategies. He also makes the trains run on time to meet deadlines for job submissions. When not conducting, Chris is a voracious reader of historical works and fiction, tinkers with cars, works on a wooden kayak in progress, and takes the family out on the Connecticut River in the boat that he and his father built long ago. “I think the diverse jobs I’ve had share a sense of public service, whether a legislative initiative or preserving wild places,” he says. “I feel that way here, that architecture has an important role to play, that it can make individual lives and society better.”


  • Attended two Presidential Inaugurations, palavered with President Bill Clinton
  • When Centerbrook commissioned its new solar panels, Sen. Lieberman flipped the switch
  • Has read all four of Robert Caro’s books on Lyndon Johnson