Derek was designing advertisements for the family businesses in high school, taking computers apart to fix things that weren’t broken, and teaching himself to code rudimentary programs. An artistic, tinkering bent is embedded in the Hayn DNA: he remembers when his aunt gave him helicopter plans she had drafted; he still has them. As college loomed, Derek was well acquainted with a prospective career path. He was fascinated by form and function: “When my dad upgraded to a computer-controlled manufacturing process at his company, he’d bring sample parts home to show them off. I remember appreciating how simple, precise, and functional they were. That’s what I try to do as a designer: no graphics for the sake of graphics; if it doesn’t have a function it doesn’t belong. Simple can be beautiful and it usually takes much more work to make something simple.” Derek earned his Bachelors of Arts in Graphic/Information Design – Magna Cum Laude and with the department’s honor award – from Central Connecticut State University. He also served as student director of Central Design Studio, producing promotional materials pro bono for the school and nonprofits such as the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Derek joined Centerbrook in 2006 as its Graphic Designer. He creates job submission brochures, architectural booklets, manages the firm’s website and social media presence, and designed the firm’s website, which won an award from the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange. His passion for design is equaled by an enthusiasm for photography and videography, examples of which appear on the firm’s website and blog. An inveterate traveler, his camera is always at the ready. He trekked up and down the fjords of Norway on a Centerbrook Travel Grant and gave a copiously illustrated account of the odyssey at the Essex Library as part of the Centerbrook Architects Lecture Series.


  • Teaches courses in Photoshop
  • Likes being a bleeding-edge early adopter of technology

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