When Erik was six-years-old he was drawing cars, all the time. His dream was to be an automotive designer, even though the field of industrial design in Sweden was oversubscribed at the time. Seeing that the competition was fierce, he changed his focus to architecture and pursued his Masters at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He took an exchange year in France at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Val de Seine and sought an internship in America. He wrote every architectural firm featured in a book that his mother had given him, and Centerbrook replied. He spent the summer of 2001 working on residential projects, and remembers vividly designing a grand staircase that incorporated display shelving. He was way ahead of the digital curve at that time in his mastery of 3D virtual modeling.

Erik returned to Centerbrook fulltime in 2004 and has worked on a wide variety of projects, among them the widely published Hotchkiss Biomass Heating Facility, the Ocean House resort hotel, and the Academic Laboratory Building at Southern Connecticut State University. On his Centerbrook Travel Grant he helped to construct a straw bale house in Arizona – it took two days and cost a mere $3,209.19 in materials. A lifelong Francophile, Erik views America as a close second as a place to live and work. “It was refreshing coming to Centerbrook,” he says. “In college, in Sweden, design is minimalist, everything must have a function. It’s a regimented style. But here people were doing outrageous things, curves for the sake of curves, classic and modern comingling. It opened my imagination and broadened my outlook on Architecture.”


  • Has traveled more in France than he has in Sweden
  • Likes to play pool
  • Hiked up Mont Ventoux