Leslie provides the gravitational force that holds the pin-wheeling Marketing Department together. Its longest serving member, she is master of its myriad mysterious machinations: from graphics, editing, and data collection to writing, photo editing, and project retrieval. She helps to create glossy bid submissions, format images, and convince awards juries that Centerbrook is the one. Since she joined the firm in 1987 and took over responsibility for this last duty, it has garnered more than 300 national and regional awards – and as many as 17 in one year. Leslie attended Kenyon College and Gibbs College, and also studied dietetics and nutrition at the University of New Haven while working at Centerbrook. Her command of the language is unassailable: she knows when a hyphen is in order, and when not, if a word is pretentious, pluperfect, or downright supercilious.

Leslie’s eclectic interests encompass: competitive autocross racing; cooking; cycling and tandem bicycling with her husband and fellow travelers; skiing, hiking, bird watching, and her resident parrots (she has three that are rescues). When she shares her culinary creations with marketing colleagues – perchance, a Norwegian Fystekake Almond Tart or Blueberry Tea Bread – the department quickly becomes a popular destination. Her desk has a panoramic view of the Falls River and Millpond, and she is often the first to spot migrating herons, egrets, and hooded mergansers. “Working at Centerbrook, for me, is kind of like being on a bicycling tour,” she says. “There is always something different to see or do, and a new project to learn about. The people here do good work for interesting clients. The view is always different and always compelling from where I’m sitting.”


  • Bikes 4,500 miles a year
  • Has raced a Miata and Toyota MR2
  • Improved her location in the office considerably by outmaneuvering her marketing colleague Dave