Ron grew up on the family dairy farm in southern New Hampshire and after school (not before!) he helped out with the milking and other chores, including repairing the barns and the sugar shack, where maple sap was rendered into syrup. So Ron was fairly handy right out of the gate. The family was friendly with a “second home” neighbor who owned a vinyl siding business in Madison, Connecticut, and he invited Ron to join the firm. After a stint doing siding, he went to work for a general contractor. “I had learned how to repair a few things from working on the farm, but I really learned the trade during five years as a carpenter’s assistant,” he says. He graduated with flying colors, and in 1987 he and a partner started their own Essex-based construction firm, Triangle Building Associates, which is still going strong and where his eldest son works.

Ron’s association with Centerbrook began long before he was hired as Facilities Manager in 2014. Triangle worked on a number of the firm’s residential projects as well as on the homes of members of the firm, including several of the partners. Among the highlights of his portfolio are the tower addition and renovation to the Aki House in Guilford and the Mitchell-Haney House in Essex, which was featured on the cover of Fine Homebuilding Magazine. Ron is well aware of the fabled tension between builders and designers ⎯ as in “Oh no, here come the architects; I wonder what they have dreamed up today.” ⎯ but his relationship with Centerbrook and other architects belied the stereotype. Besides, his eldest daughter is an architect, in China. “I appreciate what architects do, what they bring to a project, and how important it is to get the design right,” he says. He and his wife Carole have four children. Ron still visits the family farm periodically with his siblings and on weekends helps his wife with her landscape design and installation business, where their youngest son works, too.