Sheryl, head of Centerbrook’s Library and Product Resources Department, is unique in the office. No one contributes to as many projects or researches new products as thoroughly: for example, a glaze finish for porcelain used in laboratory applications to reduce harmful bacteria and improve air quality; or photo-etched concrete. More than 80 percent of the firm’s jobs – whether great or small, academic or corporate, residential or cultural – require her advice, aesthetic acumen, and her product knowledge and research. Her duties entail assisting the architectural staff in specifying materials, finishes, and design systems – everything from seating, flooring and lighting to highly sustainable structural products. Sheryl joined Centerbrook in 1985 after graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelors of Arts in Italian Language, Literature, and Art History, and following six years in Italy, where she studied architecture at the Univesità degli Studi di Firenze and worked as a teacher and translator.

“I was always interested in art and design growing up, I loved to draw,” she says. “My mother subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens and I’d pour over the houses, examining the architectural plans to see how everything was arranged. The great thing about my job is that I’m always learning new things. There are continuously new products and systems and technologies to evaluate, and Centerbrook is doing a wider variety of projects now than ever before.”


  • Manages Centerbrook Lunch and Learn program on innovative products
  • Favorite projects have involved historic preservation or renovation
  • Most unforgettable product: odyssey to procure a custom brass Hudee Ring for an ancient oversized sink
  • Organizes the office’s annual holiday gift effort for foster children
  • Likes to garden and do projects around her house; still corrente in Italian
  • Visited Parma and environs on her Centerbrook Travel Grant