Todd has successfully tackled a variety of building designs during two decades at Centerbrook ⎯ from a working farm in Maine to a major expansion of a research facility set in the whaling village of Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The challenge of finding creative design solutions to complex building projects fuels Todd's passion for architecture.

His love for problem solving and architecture developed in a high school Design Thinking class and further blossomed during two summer internships at local architectural firms. The studio environment was an exciting break from the traditional classroom and he was hooked. His designs for a variety of project types including – education, learning spaces, scientific research, churches all promote and facilitate social interaction, ‘it is the people that make the buildings come alive’. He designs with the core belief that learning extends well beyond the classroom walls and communities are strengthened when they have the opportunity to organically interact.

After graduating from Kingswood Oxford in 1991, Todd earned his Bachelors of Architecture at Syracuse University in 1996. Joining Centerbrook soon thereafter, he went straight to work on projects at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In 2002 he served as project manager for the establishment of the Hillside Research Campus, the single largest addition to the venerable scientific research institution that was founding in 1890. The challenge was to make the modern 100,000-square-foot facility fit into the historic campus as well as the wooded residential neighborhood.

"Cold Spring Harbor is where I grew up professionally, and I have forged lasting friendships with the people there," Todd says. "I learned not only about designing buildings, but also about how to create an overall sense of place. Because science and learning occur beyond the classroom walls, I strive to make spaces that promote social interaction in every project – whether the building is devoted to research, academia, business, or religion. Fostering social interaction is important in every case.”

Todd has worked on other campuses as well, most recently serving as the project manager for the recently opened STEM building and Center for Community at the Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School in Missouri.

Todd resides locally with his wife, three children, and their chocolate lab. He is an active volunteer with the Valley Soccer Club and enjoys teaching children the values of teamwork. He stays active by playing soccer, pond hockey, and surfing.


  • Became a principal of the firm in 2017
  • Elected to the CSHL Corporate Advisory Board
  • Enjoys spending time in Wellfleet with his family
  • Lived and studied in Florence
  • Continues to renovate his 1890’s farmhouse