Bill is the Director of Finance and he likes to see that things are done efficiently – on or off duty, whether the activity is keeping accounts receivable current or playing golf before work, at the crack of dawn. Eighteen holes in less than two hours, so he can be the first one in the office at 7:30 a.m.? Not a problem. Bill joined Centerbrook in 2000 after working for a variety of organizations as either Comptroller or Director of Finance, including a visiting nurse association, a fiber optic manufacturer, and a large international data processing firm. He earned his BS in Accounting with High Honors from Bentley College and his MBA from Quinnipiac University, where he was an Honor Society member. He currently is an adjunct professor in his alma mater’s Lender School of Business. Bill regularly attends Quinnipiac basketball and hockey games, which are held in the Centerbrook-designed TD Bank Sports Center.

Bill also is active in his community, serving as Treasurer of the local Knights of Columbus Chapter, a former scout leader, and coach for his three children’s youth sports teams. He organizes staff bowling nights and softball games and referees the annual Centerbrook Badminton Tournament. In addition to running an efficient department, Bill has instituted a supplemental nutrition program in the finance office for low-blood sugar architects and their fellow travelers, consisting of an ongoing cornucopia of bulk purchased or close-out candies, snacks, and fruit.


  • Bill’s nickname is $Bill
  • His mother retired from teaching at age 86
  • Went on a bird-watching safari in South Africa with his brother Jerry, who is a noted avian expert
  • Does his own taxes