Benson Returns to Lecture Series Stage Oct. 25

Event description courtesy Essex Library:

Architectural Historian Chuck Benson will present an illustrated talk that will focus on travelling to ancient Japan architecturally – and unlocking the secrets of its two great architectural traditions – Shintoism and Buddhism. From Ise Shrine for Shintoism to the Buddhist Temples of Horyuji, Todaiji, and Yakushiji, come explore with us this iconic and surprisingly modern tradition of design and architecture that’s had a profound effect not only upon its own people – but on modern architecture in the west as well.

Essex Library Lecture Series pres. by Centerbrook Architects
Dr. Chuck Benson Presents The Timelessness of Japanese Architecture: Shinto and Buddhist Masterpieces of Design
Friday, Oct. 25, 7 p.m.
The Cube, Centerbrook Architects