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Photo by Nathan Siemers

Since a photograph is purportedly worth a thousand words – and as the Graphic Designer here, I’m much better with pictures: So I’ll keep this short. Architects tend to be proud of what they design, and they commission photographers who specialize in capturing the built environment to document their work for various purposes.

What we often don’t get to see are the wonderful photos taken by others who are compelled to capture our buildings for their own reasons. I’ve been collecting some of these photos of Centerbrook-designed gems from around Flickr: Art museums, academic buildings, the frog bridge, a resort hotel, a public pier and pavilion, and laboratories taken by everyone from vacationers to wedding photographers:

Now, if we haven’t already lost you in the Flickrverse, be sure to stop by Centerbrook’s Photostream to get to some in-house photography, including dramatic shots of the flood of 2010 and character sketches drawn by Jeff Riley, FAIA, a Centerbrook partner. While you’re there, remember to add us (and me!) as a contact. You can always get to our flickr page by clicking on this icon anywhere on our website and blog. Enjoy!

Derek Hayn

Derek Hayn

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