Fall on the Falls River


I have a compulsion to take photographs that develops (pun intended) about this time every year when the leaves change. I need to document it. Although let’s be honest, it’s not just the fall; it’s the egret that just flew by my office window, the wisteria on the roof in spring, the snow falling on the solar panels, the hockey game on the pond … all of it. If I were to ask you to picture Connecticut in your mind, it would probably look a lot like the view out my window. You can’t get much more Connecticut than Centerbrook.


The light, color, and feel of fall seem to amplify this Connecticuty effect. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m starting to understand why people drive north to see the leaves change. It may be a cliché, but I don’t tire of capturing it.


Some of my coworkers have been kind enough to share their compulsive images in this post too. We’re all trying to capture a piece of this place and take it with us. I don’t think there are many people who feel that way about where they work (Well, except for this guy).

So as with most of my posts, I’ll keep my rambling short and get to the pictures. Besides, there are still leaves left on the trees.

Derek Hayn

Derek Hayn

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