The World According to Architects

As we found out from the previous exhibit in Centerbrook’s Drill Bit Gallery, we have many talented watercolorists in the office. Our latest exhibit, open now, showcases another talent: photography. But more than just putting great photography on display, the exhibit offers a chance to see through the eyes of architects.

Architects see things differently. The AIA’s recent campaign, I Look Up is a great example of this. As a non-architect, I’m closing in on a decade of working with this subspecies, and at times I still don’t get the way they see the world.

Now you can see through the eyes, or the lenses of 27 Centerbrook architects (and a couple of us non-architects). Below are the photos on display, but please stop by to see the prints for yourself and the 150+ additional images shown on five video displays. They’re quite wonderful.

Derek Hayn

Derek Hayn

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