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Mystic Seaport Museum Progress


The new Thompson Exhibit Building at Mystic is advancing rib by curvaceous rib. The office recently had a chance to visit the site and see the progress.


This animation produced by the contractor, A/Z Corporation, shows the phases of construction.

More photos and recent coverage of the project:

Not just building ships at Mystic Seaport -The Day

The World According to Architects

As we found out from the previous exhibit in Centerbrook’s Drill Bit Gallery, we have many talented watercolorists in the office. Our latest exhibit, open now, showcases another talent: photography. But more than just putting great photography on display, the exhibit offers a chance to see through the eyes of architects.

Architects see things differently. The AIA’s recent campaign, I Look Up is a great example of this. As a non-architect, I’m closing in on a decade of working with this subspecies, and at times I still don’t get the way they see the world.

Now you can see through the eyes, or the lenses of 27 Centerbrook architects (and a couple of us non-architects). Below are the photos on display, but please stop by to see the prints for yourself and the 150+ additional images shown on five video displays. They’re quite wonderful.

Abstract Artist Featured at Florence Griswold Museum

I had a chance to see Peter Halley’s exhibition: Big Paintings at the Florence Griswold Museum (a Centerbrook client) over the weekend. Though the exhibit is only 9 paintings, I highly recommend it if you’re in the area.

You can read more about Peter and the exhibit on Architectural Digest’s blog:

Peter Halley’s abstract works are on view in a new exhibition in Connecticut (Architectural Digest’s Daily AD)

Fall on the Falls River


I have a compulsion to take photographs that develops (pun intended) about this time every year when the leaves change. I need to document it. Although let’s be honest, it’s not just the fall; it’s the egret that just flew by my office window, the wisteria on the roof in spring, the snow falling on the solar panels, the hockey game on the pond … all of it. If I were to ask you to picture Connecticut in your mind, it would probably look a lot like the view out my window. You can’t get much more Connecticut than Centerbrook.


The light, color, and feel of fall seem to amplify this Connecticuty effect. Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m starting to understand why people drive north to see the leaves change. It may be a cliché, but I don’t tire of capturing it.


Some of my coworkers have been kind enough to share their compulsive images in this post too. We’re all trying to capture a piece of this place and take it with us. I don’t think there are many people who feel that way about where they work (Well, except for this guy).

So as with most of my posts, I’ll keep my rambling short and get to the pictures. Besides, there are still leaves left on the trees.

The Antisocial Guide to Twitter

Part 1 in our series on How to use the Internet

As the resident technology junkie here @centerbrook, I’m going to use my next few posts to take those of you who might be a little scared of the internet on a whirlwind tour of the tools I use every day to manage the onslaught of noise. If you’re feeling adventurous, jump right in and try out some of the services shown in the diagram above. They won’t bite.

I’m going to break this series into 3 parts:
1. Discovering cool stuff
2. Saving cool stuff to read later
3. Archiving cool stuff for future reference

Why Twitter?
Even if you don’t want to tell the world what you had for breakfast (Pop-Tarts & Wheat Thins), you don’t have to be scared of “social media.” Here’s a little secret about some of the biggest social media sites on the web: They’re not very social.

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Centerbrook Flickr Finds

Photo by Nathan Siemers

Since a photograph is purportedly worth a thousand words – and as the Graphic Designer here, I’m much better with pictures: So I’ll keep this short. Architects tend to be proud of what they design, and they commission photographers who specialize in capturing the built environment to document their work for various purposes.

What we often don’t get to see are the wonderful photos taken by others who are compelled to capture our buildings for their own reasons. I’ve been collecting some of these photos of Centerbrook-designed gems from around Flickr: Art museums, academic buildings, the frog bridge, a resort hotel, a public pier and pavilion, and laboratories taken by everyone from vacationers to wedding photographers:

Now, if we haven’t already lost you in the Flickrverse, be sure to stop by Centerbrook’s Photostream to get to some in-house photography, including dramatic shots of the flood of 2010 and character sketches drawn by Jeff Riley, FAIA, a Centerbrook partner. While you’re there, remember to add us (and me!) as a contact. You can always get to our flickr page by clicking on this icon anywhere on our website and blog. Enjoy!

The Model of Loveliness (video)

In the clip above, Master Model Maker Patrick McCauley explains his process for planking the deck of Aphrodite.

Long and sleek, well accessorized, and built for speed, she is the center of attention wherever she goes. Her torpedo stern allows her to maintain a horizontal posture in the water even at speeds of 40 knots. She draws a dainty four feet.

The Aphrodite, a 74-foot, twin-engine waterborne missile, was christened in 1937 by financier John Hay “Jock” Whitney to commute from Long Island to Wall Street faster than his brother-in-law could make the trip. He boarded Aphrodite in his pajamas and 45 minutes later disembarked in lower Manhattan showered, shaved, and dressed to the nines.

Whitney’s nautical (and nice) guests included the likes of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Shirley Temple, and Tallulah Bankhead. After Pearl Harbor, he loaned his yacht to the U.S. Coast Guard, which used the lovely lady to ferry President Franklin D. Roosevelt up the Hudson River to Hyde Park.

Aphrodite at the Ocean House. Photo: Derek Hayn

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Spamalot – Garde Arts Center Projection

New London’s Garde Art Center, which screens films and hosts a Broadway Series of shows such as “The Wizard of Oz,” served as a screen itself as visual effects company Killer Minnow projected an animated promotion for the play “Spamalot” against the building’s southern façade.  It was jolly good – click and see for yourself.

A previous blog post on Killer Minnow’s website shows what’s going on behind the curtain.
Centerbrook designed the restoration of the Garde in 1999.