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Centerbrook Orthographers Superseded

Centerbrook's Orthographers

The Yankees don’t always win.  Empires founder.  Mountains even crumble.  But could the same apply to the Team Centerbrook Spellers at the recent Bee chez Valley Regional High School?  We averred not.

The scene looked the same as it had last year, prior to our momentous 2009 three-peat (that’s a sports word, not a real one): long tables clad in black and yellow drape, four lonely microphones waiting for their hosts, a rowdy cheering section of local retirees, and a few fellow employees pulling for us.  The stage was set for another dominating performance by Centerbrook, who had brought home the Region 4 Foundation Spelling Bee title every year since 2007.  We eat adversity for breakfast. Continue reading Centerbrook Orthographers Superseded