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Reno Migani is a Centerbrook Senior Associate and earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University. He joined the firm in 1993 and has worked on cultural, religious, and academic projects, including the Academic Laboratory Building at Southern Connecticut State University.



Three “helio-spires” are being installed atop the main entrance to the Southern Connecticut State University’s New Science and Academic Laboratory. Inspired by 16th century models of heliospheres that placed the sun, not the earth, at the center of the universe, these kinetic helio-spires are meant to spark the imagination and mark the threshold into the newly formed science quad.


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Rainwater Collection at SCSU

The new rainwater harvesting system for the Academic and Laboratory Science Building at Southern Connecticut State University shows how the system collects rainwater and highlights the water’s pathway down to a 40,000-gallon storage tank below ground, thus reducing the use of potable water for the site irrigation by 50 percent.

The new 97,900-square-foot building is scheduled to open for the fall semester.

via Southern Connecticut State University’s Facebook page