700 Pound Pumpkin Lands Near Centerbrook

October 29th, 2009

For years, around Halloween, Senior Associate Roger Williams begins the search. Far and wide, high and low he goes, scouring every field and farm stand looking for the perfect pumpkin. Not just any pumpkin, mind you, but the biggest and heaviest one he can find. It doesn’t have to be the perfect size and shape. In fact, the more ugly, contorted, and misshapen, the better.

This year’s find, weighing in at 700+ pounds, came from a farm in Connecticut’s rural Litchfield County. It took a Pentagon-worthy logistical exercise to extract, load, and transport it to Roger’s driveway. Then, it took a team of 11 from the office to muscle it to its final resting place atop some planks and an ancient rolling dolly in the front yard. Once carved into the mother-of-all-Jack-O-Lanterns, it will petrify all those Trick or Treaters who dare approach. Then it will become squirrel food. An ignominious demise for such a well traveled and impressive specimen.