Chad Floyd Kicks Off Lecture Series

October 17th, 2014

Chad Floyd, a partner in Centerbrook Architects, will give an illustrated presentation praising the “particular” in architecture and its role in establishing unique places. Free to the public, the event is at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 17 at the Essex Town Hall.

This illustrated presentation kicks off the seventh season of the Centerbrook Architects Lecture Series, one of many programs regularly offered by the Essex Library. Please call the library at (860) 767-1560 to register. The lectures are sponsored by Centerbrook Architects and run monthly through the spring.

In his talk, “In Search of the Particular,” Floyd explains, as well as shows how Centerbrook Architects conjures the particular over the universal in an attempt to regain a vanishing American sense of place. He points out that with the proliferation of national building codes, standardized development patterns, common construction materials, and ubiquitous box stores, cities and landscapes are tending to look the same across the United States. This trend toward homogenization was boosted after World War II by the proponents of modern architecture and their design ideology, which called for universality. The result has been a standardization of the built environment and a blurring of distinct regional identities. The sustainability movement’s emphasis on local construction materials has served as a partial antidote, but Floyd argues more can be done.