Just Published, Book on Country Houses

October 25th, 2009

A new and lavishly illustrated book titled “100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture” features three homes designed by Centerbrook Architects. The large format, 324-page publication includes projects from around the world that “exemplify the shift toward forward-thinking design, which focuses on sustainability and actively engages in a responsive and responsible relationship with the land.” The three Centerbrook homes were each designed by a partner in the firm. Jeff Riley’s Riley House II on the Connecticut shoreline is described thusly: “Renovations and additions transformed an ordinary house, built in 1969, into an eccentric home recalling small love affairs with places around the world.” Mark Simon’s Fishers Island House is summed up this way: “The cylindrical, elliptical, cubical, and rectangular volumes are comfortable – functional, familiar and easy to live with – but their union is full of tension, offering extraordinary spatial changes and new vistas at each doorway.” The 19th century packet boat design of Floyd House on the Connecticut River is described as evoking a “long-lost river vernacular: The house is entered between a pair of wharf-like sheds to which it is conceptually moored. It sits above the flood plain on a wrap-around deck, the ground gathered beneath it like a rising tide.” This home was designed by Chad Floyd. “100 Country Homes,” published by Images Publishing and edited by Beth Browne, is available on Amazon.com.

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100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture