Travel Grant Lecture: Ed Keagle on Jose Plecnik

March 24th, 2009

Ed Keagle presented his Travel Grant lecture on the architect Jose Plecnik. Centerbrook Travel Grants are awarded by the partners each year to staff who exemplifies selfless dedication to the successful execution of a building’s design.

Plecnik (1872 – 1957) has become known as one of the first modernists and also as somewhat of a post-modernist for his ability to blend historical motifs and elements with modern programs and building types. With his grant, Ed visited Plecnik’s early works in Vienna, the Zacherl House, the Langer houses, and then Prague to see his mid-career transformation of the Hradčany (Prague Castle) into a cultural resource, as well as his Church of the Sacred Heart. Plecnik’s career demonstrates that one can make great buildings away from the major urban centers of the day and have a lasting effect on the work of other architects both in ones native country and around the world.