Raymond Returns: More Colorful Than Ever

October 4th, 2012

Acclaimed garden and landscape designer Louis Raymond presents an illustrated talk titled “More Colorful than Ever” on Thursday October 4, at 7:00 p.m. at the Essex Town Hall.

For Raymond, who is featured in the current issue of Design New England magazine, a garden represents something transcendental: “A great garden is like a great life: Both are a collage of broad exuberance, attention to detail, occasional bravery, more-than-occasional naps, and plenty of experiments. Both balance a respect for tradition with regular and even gleeful assaults on that same tradition.”

This lively presentation chronicles Raymond’s thirty-plus years exploring color in his life and his garden. Does blue really go with red? Apricot with pink? Parchment with white? And what plants best bring which colors to the garden.
His talk is the first fall installment of the Centerbrook Architects Lecture Series, which is beginning its fifth year and is one of many programs presented by the Essex Library. Please call the Essex Library (860) 767-1560 to register.
Raymond has clients nationwide, and his own riotous garden in Hopkinton, Rhode Island will be the subject of an upcoming book. For more information on Louis Raymond, visit www.RGardening.com or www.LouisThePlantGeek.com.