Co-Housing Project Profiled in The Times

Published on March 9th, 2011

Connecticut’s first foray into “Co-Housing,” a planned community living concept, was the subject of a feature article in The New York Times on Sunday, March 6. Green Haven Cohousing is planning to establish a community in southern Connecticut and has hired Centerbrook as its architect.

The article describes the movement this way: “A kind of condominium with a conscience, co-housing is collaborative living, usually around a unifying theme or vision. Residents own their own homes but share other spaces, like a kitchen and dining area, recreation facilities, a laundry and gardens.” Green Haven described its overarching theme as sustainability, establishing 20-33 energy-efficient households of approximately 1,000-square-feet each.

The idea for Co-Housing originated in Denmark, and there are now more than 100 such communities in the United States. The article quoted Jim Childress, Centerbrook Partner-in-Charge of the project.