Hands-on Planning Workshop

Engaging Nantucket - workshop video 2

Published on August 4th, 2009

Centerbrook Architects has been selected to develop a master plan for the Maria Mitchell Association on Nantucket. Dedicated to preserving the legacy of Maria Mitchell, a trailblazing astronomer who discovered a comet in 1847, the Association operates two observatories, a natural science museum, a research library, and an aquarium at its historic 1790 campus on Vestal Street in Nantucket village.

Centerbrook recently led planning workshops with Association staff, neighbors, trustees, and other stakeholders to explore broad conceptual goals for its future, as well as how its buildings might be aligned to meet those goals. Participants walked the campus and were asked to document their impressions in various ways. For example, they diagramed on a large floor map how they entered, exited, and moved about the facility. Then, “changed hats,” they assumed the identity of donors, visitors, students, researchers, staff and others, to better understand their various needs. They went on a “shopping spree,” spending play money on a list of priorities to learn about budget limitations. They also created an “ant farm” by arranging program pieces on floor plans to solve functional issues and problems.

Centerbrook will use the results of the workshops to develop options for reconfiguring the campus to meet the Association’s goals.

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