After completing a Master Plan and feasibility study for the Bruce Museum of Art and Science, Centerbrook is designing a major addition to the museum.

The Bruce Museum is situated atop a rocky knoll within a publicly owned park and contains interactive exhibits in the sciences as well as both permanent and changing exhibits of fine and decorative art. The permanent science display includes an extensive mineral collection, wildlife diorama, marine touch tank, mounted birds, and examples of American Indian culture. The expansion will enable the museum to significantly increase both the size and quality of its permanent collection of fine art, allow for traveling exhibits in the sciences, and offer a wide variety of public amenities and programs.

The museum still occupies its original building, a Victorian, stone mansion formerly owned by textile manufacturer Robert M. Bruce, who founded the museum in 1908. The museum was last renovated and expanded in 1993.
Centerbrook designed two wings that will, by their reduced sizes, lessen the environmental impact of this major expansion on the publicly owned park. The distinct wings will also offer separate and attractive funding opportunities.

The 12,000-square-foot south wing will contain facilities for the exhibition of fine art, including a state of the art loading and receiving area, collection storage room, curatorial work areas, and 7,000-square-feet of flexible gallery space for traveling art and science exhibits. The 11,000-square-foot east wing, open for extended hours, will be devoted to the general public and offer an indoor/outdoor café set in amongst the trees and rock formations of the park, a main entry lobby, catering facilities, a gift shop, a lecture hall, a multi-purpose room and the ticketing-control point to the galleries.

A new patron parking lot will be accessed through a new, stone paved piazza at the main entry level, which, upon occasion can be transformed into a gala events venue. A children’s outdoor science park and a major sculpture garden are also planned.

Renderings © Centerbrook