Dug into a wooded hillside overlooking Sleeping Giant Mountain to the north, this 406-bed residence hall connects to the upper plaza of an adjacent residence hall to the west. Its two anthropomorphic towers stand erect like a duo of Etruscan giants and gather in the full panorama of the outstretched mountain. The northern tower stands its ground to form the east terminus of the University's "village street." Together, the towers form courtyards and piazzas of human scale.

Rooms housing four students each are arranged along double loaded corridors on four floors, keeping construction costs low. The furnishings for each room were designed to permit a variety of arrangements, each one offering a division of the room into four private realms. Additionally, study lounges, social lounges, and bay windows with built-in seats at the ends of corridors provide numerous and desirable getaways.

Two separate entrance "pavilions," small in scale and house-like in character, serve to reduce the apparent scale of the complex, as do the landscaped courtyards that are situated in the spaces created as the building steps up the hillside. A timber-framed gazebo, prominently sited at a pedestrian crossroads, provides a sheltered place for quiet reflection or informal gatherings.

Photography © Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Peter Aaron/Esto