The St. Thomas More School is an independent boy's school for grades 8-post graduate. Founded in 1962, the school has grown from 62 students to 200, and has changed from a family owned school to a private institution overseen by a Board of Trustees. Centerbrook was hired in 1998 to develop a Master Plan in conjunction with the development of a long-range strategic plan.

The Master Plan was developed through a workshop process with a building committee representing the various constituents of the school. Impacts on teaching and social interaction, the future growth of classrooms, dormitories, support facilities, and centers for student life were determined. Paths and roadways were reconfigured to create a campus center and to provide protected outdoor places to congregate and socialize. The process defined the future character of the campus in building form and detail. Revisions to the utility infrastructure were also defined.

The utility infrastructure upgrade was completed for the entire campus. The existing roadway running through the campus was removed and the space transformed into a campus center for students.

The recently completed new Administration Building includes administration, faculty and development offices as well as the central post office and student store. This building was built as the gateway to this new campus center. The gymnasium basement was renovated to provide better amenities for leisure time. In the planning stages, additions are being considered to two dormitories to provide "living rooms" for social gatherings.

Photography © Robert Benson