40 Years Building a Connecticut Cultural Treasure

I was delighted to read this article about Jeffrey Andersen, our longtime client and Director of the Florence Griswold Museum. The museum is celebrating his 40th year on the job with a new exhibition, “Ten/Forty: Collecting American Art at the Florence Griswold Museum,” on view through the end of May.

In an era where museum directors hopscotch with abandon, Jeff’s enduring leadership has been instrumental in transforming an antique house into a nationally-recognized home for American Impressionism. We’ve been honored to work with Jeff and his committed Board of Trustees to make a place where scholars and families alike come to experience art, history, music, and community in an exquisite natural setting. He’s managed to do all this while keeping up with the times and preserving Miss Florence’s legacy. That’s no easy feat in the museum world.

The Day: The art of leadership: Jeffrey Andersen marks 40 years as the Florence Griswold Museum’s director