A Watercolor Retrospective

Centerbrook’s co-founder, Bill Grover, wore many hats: architect, musician, inventor, tinkerer, conservationist, restorer, and jokester are but a few. He was also a master watercolorist.

Untitled-1 Untitled-1

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in winter

Bill’s watercolors represent the full range of Centerbrook’s work: houses, museums, schools, laboratories, athletic venues, master plans, and bridges among them. Though an acknowledged reluctant traveler, he also painted streetscapes in Venice, Morocco, and other far-flung places.

He often collaborated with a sketch artist – notably John Blood or Nick Deaver – who created the line drawings that Bill washed with color.

Thread City Crossing (The Frog Bridge)

Thread City Crossing (The Frog Bridge)

As part our tribute to Bill, who passed away last October, Centerbrook’s Drill Bit Gallery is hosting “Bill Grover: A Watercolor Retrospective.” Curated by Jill Cartagena, Matthew Montana, and Mark Simon, the exhibit includes work in twelve states painted by Bill over two decades. They include several buildings he designed, such as the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York; the Phelps Science Center at Phillips Exeter Academy, the Thread City Crossing in Willimantic, Connecticut; and the Hillside Research Campus at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Open to the public following a private opening on August 13th, these extraordinary works of art are a testament to Bill’s keen eye, aesthetic skill, and appreciation of beauty and color. We present them at the place he loved in fond tribute to our dear friend, mentor, and colleague.