Back Online

The generator that has been making water power at Centerbrook since 1982 recently gave up the ghost. Unfortunate timing because all the rain we’ve had lately made for ideal conditions for renewable energy generation.

Ron Campbell sprang into action and procured a new motor that matched the original’s output and configuration. But replacing it was no small task. Our Turbine Room, which was home to the original machinery that powered industry here, is located in the bowels of our mill complex. Out with the old and in with the new involved an electric winch, a dolly, a hydraulic jack, ropes, levers, a window removal, and several strong backs.

The good news: after resolving a wiring hiccup, we are again making electricity from the flow of water diverted from our dam. 4.74 kilowatts the last time we checked.

Above, left to right: To remove the old generator, Ron’s team winched it up from its perch next to the turbine and guided it to a secure landing spot with a rope. The most direct route to install its replacement was hoisting it through an open window, rolling it on a dolly into the Turbine Room, and then winching it down into place.