Centerbrook Goes Revit 100 Percent

CENTERBROOK, Conn. -- All of Centerbrook Architects' 41 licensed architects are now trained in Revit, the latest modeling software that allows the user to design in 3-D to create and modify detailed virtual models of buildings. Since adopting this technology 5 years ago, over 100 Centerbrook projects totaling over $1 billion in construction cost have been completed using Revit from the conceptual design stage through final construction including all new project, according to Steven Haines, the firm’s Director of Information Technology.

In addition to being efficient and flexible, Revit permits multiple users to work on the model simultaneously from remote locations, Haines said, adding “A 3-D model means that architects, contractors and the client all get a clear view of what a building will look like, inside and out, before ground is broken – there’s no guessing or misinterpretation of 2-D documents.” Related “clash detection” software identifies areas of potential conflict in the plan, such as a heating duct cutting through a load-bearing beam, so problems can be resolved in design rather than during construction, when they cost both time and money. Contractors use Revit models to estimate the amount of materials they will need and other costs more accurately that before.

“It’s very rare for a firm to establish a deliberate cycle of training for all of its architectural staff members,” said Howard Roman of Imaginit Technologies who has made many visits to Centerbrook to conduct multiple-day training sessions.