Chair Share: Cassie Archer

Cassie Archer’s Chair Share recalls Sam Maloof, a custom furniture maker known for superb workmanship. Her leather sling chair was inspired by his attention to craft, as well as the simple forms and details of Danish furniture. Its walnut frame, circular in profile, is held together by intricate joinery made with ash wedges and splines, whose light color contrasts sharply with the dark walnut.

Cassie realized that making complexity appear simple is quite challenging. To achieve the circular shape of the frame, she first used a router with a larger radius bit, thinking she could achieve the final shape. When that setup proved too unwieldy, she switched to a smaller bit and lots and lots of sanding. The frame supports a large piece of leather Cassie got from Wickett & Craig, a vegetable tannery in Pennsylvania. Inset to the frame with hidden fasteners, the leather’s edges are waxed and burnished. It’s super comfortable and, as the leather wears, will only get better with use.