Chair Share: David O'Connor

In this Chair Share, we pay homage to the grand tradition of motorsport. David O’Connor loves Formula 1 so much that he wanted to feel like Lewis Hamilton every time he sat in his chair. Its seat and back are made of strips of poplar laid up with glue, which David hand-sculpted into the curved shape of an aerodynamic racecar body. The contrasting angular black walnut frame supports the seat like a car chassis supports the body.

David thinks he spent about 200 hours making the seat. It started as a 1 1/2" thick stripped poplar block in a roughly curved shape. He first worked it with a rasp and angle grinder into a closer approximation of a seat. Then, he sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded some more to reveal its final curves, before freehand-cutting the profile. The frame, on the other hand, was assembled in one marathon overnight build the day before the deadline, while the polyurethane seat finish dried. One lone screw holds the two pieces together. You’d be right if you thought the seat’s contrasting strips looked like racing stripes. David designed it that way.