Chair Share: Derek Hayn

Derek Hayn’s Chair Share takes us inside the mind of a graphic designer, which means, unlike architects, he thinks in two dimensions. When Derek designed his schoolhouse-inspired chair, he didn’t consider how it might function but rather, delved into 2D profile frame geometries he became enamored with. He continued down that rabbit hole, fussing over the lap joints and how the textures and colors of the ash wood came together. Ingeniously, the joints needed no glue or mechanical fasteners but resolved themselves, puzzle-like, only one way.

The seat and back, finished with leftover paint, are made of two layers of bent plywood, which Derek cold glued in a jig. Stainless steel spacers and screws attach seat and back to the frames with a small gap that makes the seat appear to float. After all that work, when Derek sat in the chair for the
first time, it felt too upright for his liking. No problem; he just cut ½’’ off the back legs to get the angle he wanted. No fuss, no muss.