Chair Share: Hyeon Ju Son

Our Centerbrook Chair Share series continues with Hyeon Ju Son's chair, which explores the intersection of concept and reality. The sharp, intersecting, slightly pitched angles of its maple frame, which in early studies also composed the seat, are meant to convey human interconnectedness, and in profile, a Chinese character with similar meaning.

When Hyeon realized he couldn’t build the seat angles, he opted for a simple veneer plywood seat with light and dark striations that he thinks still symbolize the yin and yang of our existence. Hyeon took great care with every joint, considering how their precise edges came together with different colors and textures. They are, he says, like fingers of clasped hands, separate yet stronger together. Gently tapered legs mimicking human legs delicately touch the floor. The maple’s clear grain and differing shades — which Hyeon sought to deliberately contrast — is finished with polyurethane. It is elegant, surprisingly light, and comfortable too.