Chair Share: Reno Migani

As part of our Centerbrook Chairshop retrospective, we sat down with Reno Migani and his “C3” Cube Club Chair. The C3 is constructed of unfinished Baltic Birch plywood laid up in layers. It contains no mechanical fasteners, its layers instead float on wooden dowels separated by sandwiched plywood spacers. Reno tells us people are surprised how comfortable it is. But they shouldn’t be. He made 3D and cardboard models, as well as extensive hand sketches, to refine the design. He then spent hours hand-shaping the layers for the perfect blend of fit and support. Reno really likes the contoured seat, which he calls “The Ravine” for the geologic forms that it recalls. These photos highlight the C3's transparency and how shadow and light play off the layers to give it a dynamic appearance.