Clients Among Forbes' Top Colleges

Name a building category, and more often than not, Centerbrook has designed in it.

But education has long been one of the firm’s more prominent areas of concentration. In higher education alone, Centerbrook has served more than 50 different institutions across four decades of work.

Centerbrook’s impact on education architecture is reinforced each year when Forbes unveils its annual Top Colleges list. Of the firm’s 40 ranked clients, half appear in the top 100, including seven in the top 10.

The 2016 list highlights:

- Forbes’ headlining Top 25 Colleges in America list features nine Centerbrook clients, ranging from Williams College at No. 2 to Dartmouth College at No. 17.

- Centerbrook clients hold 14 of the top 50 spots, 20 of the top 100 and 32 of the top 200.

- Forbes ranked 660 colleges this year. Centerbrook has designed for a total of 40.

- Forbes separately recognized the Top 25 northeast schools, of which 11 were or currently are Centerbrook clients.

Centerbrook clients in the national Top 25:

2. Williams College

3. Princeton University

4. Harvard University

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. Yale University

8. Brown University

9. Wesleyan University

12. Amherst College

17. Dartmouth College

Centerbrook clients in the northeast Top 25:

1. Williams College

2. Princeton University

3. Harvard University

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5. Yale University

6. Brown University

7. Wesleyan University

10. Amherst College

13. Dartmouth College

22. Vassar College

25. Colby College