I grew up in Connecticut, and like most kids from here, we have fond memories of visiting the Yale Peabody Museum. These memories usually involve staring up at the giant brontosaurus and trying to imagine something that big actually existed. To a small child, the brontosaurus in the Great Hall was immense! As an adult … yeah still is.

The point of sharing this bit of my childhood is to say that when I found out the dinosaurs were getting boxed up and shipped to Canada for restoration as part of our renovation of the museum I had to see it first-hand. It’s the end of an era for the Peabody, but also the beginning of an exciting new era [insert Triassic/Jurassic/Cretaceous joke].

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I plan to continue chronicling this multi-year renovation project, but if you're hungry for more dinos in the meantime, the museum has been sharing the process on their social media channels (Instagram) (Facebook). And if you’re in the area, come watch from the balcony as they finish disassembling the brontosaurus this week. The 10-year-old in you won't be disappointed.

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