Energy Conscious from the Get-Go

Centerbrook Architects performs “early energy modeling” on all projects both as responsible design professionals and to meet the rigors of the American Institute of Architects 2030 Commitment, whose charge is to make all buildings carbon neutral within 16 years.

To meet this goal we have been working closely with Sefaira, a software company specializing in cloud-based computing solutions for high-performance building design. Their software enables us to perform energy modeling from the outset of design, when energy-efficient strategies have the greatest impact. For example, the software can pinpoint the optimal siting of a building or the best location for windows to harvest natural sunlight or passive solar heat. With this information we are able to provide our clients with innovative design solutions that advance their energy reduction goals.

Launched in 2009, Sefaira updates its product based on feedback from users and posts case studies like this on its website:

Customer Case Study with Centerbrook Architects: Achieving Great Daylight and Views on a Constrained Site