Plugged In

As a car guy, I’m cool to hybrid technology. When you’ve heard a Porsche flat-six at full chat or been pushed out of shape by a torquey small block V-8, the faint whir of an electric motor just doesn’t cut it. Fortunately for our planet, a growing number of my more fully evolved colleagues are embracing hybrid’s bright future.

Centerbrook has long been a renewable energy devotee, with solar panels and a hydro turbine producing nearly a third of our energy. As you’d expect, many here share that progressive environmental ethos. Our parking lot is smattered with hybrid offerings from Toyota and Ford. While a pioneer, Toyota’s Prius feels to me like a science experiment on wheels, with nary a hint of sporting character.

Recently, however, our stable grew with the addition of two plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volts. With our renewable systems offsetting some of the current they draw while parked during the work day, you can squint and see the future. Its firm handling, straightforward ergonomics, and strong power delivery make the Volt an easy car to live with and have some fun with. And to my enthusiast’s eye, its taut lines, especially in latest guise, have enduring appeal.

I’m proud that Centerbrook is “plugged in” to reducing our carbon footprint, and heartened that my colleagues are driving hybrid vehicles to help us get there.