The Chairshop Results are In!

We tallied the votes and are delighted to announce that Cassie Archer’s leather slingback chair was chosen as the Favorite of this year's Centerbrook Chairshop. This being 2020, the contest was not without controversy; Cassie’s margin of victory included one vote submitted on a nonconforming ballot.

In addition to picking their favorite chair, we asked voters – who participated in-person and online – to rate their preference in seven categories: beauty, comfort, ingenuity, craftsmanship, materials, practicality, and, important for us, the most architectural chair. Our goal was to elicit feedback that made picking the favorite more than a spontaneous aesthetic judgement. Those preferences broke down as follows:

Hugo Fenaux: Most Beautiful, Highest Level of Craftsmanship, Most Practical

Ben Mayne: Most Ingenious, Most "Architectural"

Cassie Archer: Most Comfortable, Best Use of Materials, Favorite Chair

We enjoyed the comments, suggestions, and observations that the chairs elicited. Clearly they resonated beyond our walls, which was our intent with sharing them.

  • I like that Hugo’s chair appears fully supportive and allows a natural curvature to the spine. It looks like a solid, stable, and beautiful place to plunk a tochus and read, or converse.
  • Can I go back to school to be an architect and design chairs with y’all? All are excellent!
  • Cassie’s leather sling chair is a sensual mix of wood and leather. Lovely!
  • I like that each chair has its own character and personality. I could see each one fitting a home, one being more casual, one more formal, and the other in an industrial California studio.
  • I love the simple yet classical looking design of Hugo’s chair!! I would purchase one in short order if these are ever made commercially for sale!
  • They all look beautifully crafted. I’m thankful that you asked several questions as they all have different attributes.
  • Hugo’s refined study chair is extremely elegant in its simplicity and complexity.
  • My dad introduced me to Sam Maloof’s exquisite works years ago. Cassie’s design and execution does a lovely job in honoring his craft and legacy. Well done!
  • Ben’s favorite color is wood.
  • Hugo’s chair not only showed technical troubleshooting throughout the project next to function and art, as well as how his chair compliments the simplicity resourcefulness and conservation in such an elegant and captivating way.
  • Ben’s throne is strong in presence and yet amazingly thin and very comfortable. Bravo!
  • I really like the collection as a whole. All are delicate, beautiful, and each has its own character. Superb!