The Cube Is Eight

As architects, we look for ways to design multifunction spaces. Our sturdy mill building is the perfect platform to test how they can be configured, how they function, and how their environments are affected by our interventions.

We were reminded recently that The Cube, the figurative heart of Centerbrook, debuted eight years ago. It is the poster-child for how one space can accommodate multiple uses. Lest you think its moniker references the avant-garde art movement, it really is shaped like a cube.

Untitled-1 Untitled-1

The Cube was once home to a partitioned off kitchen and a multi-sided conference space affectionally dubbed the “Obstruct-agon”. Once we realized it could be something more, we tapped into our creativity with a whole-office workshop to brainstorm how to renovate it. A recurring theme was "simple is better"; give it rolling tables, comfortable furniture, presentation technology, decent acoustics, a new kitchen, and then let the space tell us how it wanted to be used.

And did The Cube deliver! A comfy corner nook is an often-used meeting space. Our Products and Interiors department is next door to a motorized screen that descends from the ceiling. LED light fixtures illuminate its center, where tables and chairs can be reconfigured for lectures, meetings, or special events. Centerbrook Chairshop designs grace its western wall. A round hole in the floor (don’t worry, it's filled with thick tempered glass) allows visitors to view our hydro-turbine beneath it.

While it can get a bit messy, The Cube exudes vitality, especially during our weekly Sugar Cube presentations, our monthly all-office breakfast meeting, and casual lunches. And it is particularly warm and charming when festooned for the holidays.

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