Aki Music Studio

The client, a professional violinist on a modest budget, asked us to renovate a barn on her property into a music studio. Several years earlier we had expanded and renovated her house. She requested that the studio, like the house, be full of natural light and open to the landscape. She also requested that her Japanese heritage and her love for the violin be incorporated into the design and that local building techniques and resources be used.


Private Residence

Location Connecticut
Size 689 Sq. Ft.
Features renovation
Program Music Studio
Year Completed 2000
Photo Credit Woodruff Brown Photography
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The studio’s eaves were extended and windows were added but the roof and walls were left intact, in order to meet the budget. Using Yankee pragmatism, the design blends the character of Japanese farm buildings with country buildings of southern Connecticut.

Wood ceiling panels echo the curve of a violin and provide good acoustics. They are modeled on the fabric ceiling panels designed for the living room of the main house. The entrance canopy continues the motif.

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