Carlson's Landing

Centerbrook designed a new marina building for Essex Boat Works that beautifies the waterfront and enhances economic business development for the surrounding village community.


Essex Boat Works

Location Essex, CT
Size 6,000 Sq. Ft.
Features concept
Program restaurant, offices, guest services
Year Completed 2019
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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With a heritage of more than two centuries of shipbuilding and repair on the site, Essex Boat Works sought an avenue of expansion that would marry 21st century needs with its historic setting along the Connecticut River.

Designed to harmonize with the traditional architecture of Essex Village, the new two-story building primarily provides office and support space for Essex Boat Works personnel. The 7,000-square-foot building also includes changing and showering facilities for boaters. This frees up space in EBW’s existing main building that is needed for repair and storage of boats.

The building also houses Carlson’s, a restaurant and bar offering indoor and outdoor waterfront dining for EBW and marina patrons as well as visitors to Essex Village.