Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is a 110-acre state-of-the-art teaching and research facility for cancer and molecular genetic research. Centerbrook Architects has worked closely with Nobel Laureate Dr. James D. Watson and the Laboratory's staff and faculty, to preserve and strengthen the architectural integrity of the institution. The goal has been to build and maintain a comfortable teaching and research campus that will attract and encourage the best scientists throughout the world to share their ideas. Special care has been taken to save old buildings and gently bend them to the needs of modern science.

Centerbrook has designed and built buildings continually since 1973 as campus architects at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. To date, 45 projects have been built including research laboratories, a campus center, media/computer laboratories, dining facilities, offices, a day care center, numerous auditoriums, housing for visiting scientists, and classrooms.

Photography © Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Timothy Hursley, Nick Wheeler, Andrew Garn