Freeman Computational Neuroscience Laboratory

This building provides offices and support space for the research of computational neuroscience. Biologists work here on computers rather than in traditional laboratories.

Located on the campus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the Freeman Laboratory replaced two wood cabins. These cabins had provided housing in the early days of the Laboratory and were much loved for their historic significance. The new building creates a new presence, while reflecting a memory of the Laboratory's early days.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Location Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Size 3,200 Sq. Ft.
Program offices, support spaces
Year Completed 1993
Photo Credit Jeff Goldberg/Esto

The building bends to the contour of a steep hill, wraps around a large oak tree, and helps enclose a new enclave of campus buildings. The building moderates in scale, color, materials, and details between a large neuroscience complex (completed in 1991), a shingled cottage (completed in 1960), and a new laboratory (completed in 1999).

To be easily adaptable, the interiors of the building were kept very simple, working with the campus standards. The focus was on providing beautiful views and light throughout. The exterior uses stained concrete and wood siding in random widths to recall the novelty siding of the original cabins. The detailing mimics the random patterns of DNA as they are illustrated in electrophoresis gels. The new porch, a modern version of the porch on the adjacent cottage, and the cornices are detailed like layers of skin that peel back into the building. The roof is made of copper foil shingles.



  • Design Award, AIA Long Island
  • Design Award, AIA Connecticut