Grace Auditorium

Grace Auditorium is the gateway to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It is the gathering place and focus of activity for scientists who travel to Long Island from all parts of the world to exchange the latest ideas of modern science and to attend the laboratory's world-renowned symposia on molecular biology.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Location Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Size 20,000 Sq. Ft.
Program auditorium, foyer
Year Completed 1986
Photo Credit Derek Hayn/Centerbrook
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Located at the entrance to the laboratory, Grace Auditorium contains offices and staff to welcome visitors. It is meant to architecturally and symbolically express the stature of this important institution and to maintain the character of the residential neighborhood with which it shares the lovely north shore of Long Island.

The 360-seat auditorium is skewed off axis within the building to provide two light-locks adjacent to the main building entry and one light-lock on the other side. This space, formed between the outside walls and the auditorium, allows people to discreetly enter the room and also provides standing room for those who wish to watch a short talk then leave without disturbing others. To help keep smaller groups from feeling lost in a big room, the auditorium is divided into two sections. The front half is gently sloped with light colors, while the steeper tiers at the back, separated by a low wall and steps, are darker in color.



  • Design Award, AIA Connecticut
  • Design Award, AIA Long Island
  • Design Award, American School & University