Connecticut Studio

The project was a true collaboration between artist and architect, bringing their own sensibilities to the building. The common goal was to make a spacious studio fit in a delicate New England landscape near several houses.


Private Residence

Location Connecticut
Size 1,100 Sq. Ft.
Year Completed 2002
Photo Credit Scott Frances
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This studio is in a community of old farms. The client had begun this project with another firm but suspended it when the barn form he had requested seemed too big for its setting. However, the foundations were in place so we began with those as a given and looked at a number of ways to reduce the scale while maximizing daylight in the studio.

By using a saltbox form, common to neighboring 18th century farmhouses, the roof lines are low, but interior volume soars. Eyebrow dormers lift the roof at its edges to welcome entry of people on the south and light to the north.

Both artist and architect delight in color and so we turned to the great colorists, Donald Kaufman and Taffy Dahl, to manufacture the exterior blue paint. Windows bring in light and air from all sides, but the largest window faces North to provide the even light needed by our sculptor.

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  • Alice Washburn Accessory Building Award, Connecticut Magazine/AIA Connecticut
  • Special Focus Award, Builder's Choice