Campus Master Plan

This master plan strengthens The Country School’s charming village character, which makes it a memorable place that inspires lifelong affection from its students.

The Country School is distinguished from its peers by an appealing, small-scale village atmosphere with the emblematic Farmhouse standing prominently as an expression of the school’s rural beginnings. It is these rural characteristics that are regarded by many as the key element promoted within Centerbrook’s master plan.


The Country School

Location Madison, CT
Year Completed 2015
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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Centerbrook’s master plan provides a flexible framework for future development at the PreK-8 grade school located on a 23-acre campus. Its projects are sequenced in five broad steps. Depending on fundraising and student population, the steps can be implemented in various arrangements.

The master plan identified renovations to campus buildings, a new athletics center and development of several small classroom and administrative buildings. The plan also included improvements to the campus circulation system, new athletic fields and a new maintenance building.

In 2016 the Country School community completed the first step of the master plan by constructing new athletic fields and tennis courts. The next phase in the transformation was an updated campus circulation system. The installation of new driveways, parking and pedestrian pathways is vital to make the campus safer and provide a clear armature for future development. This second step in the master plan is highlighted by a new oval green that helps to organize the existing buildings into a small, welcoming academic community.

The next step will add new sloped roofs to the academic buildings, and a clock tower to DeFrancis Gymnasium. The clock tower will become the school’s new marker, emphasizing its village-like campus atmosphere. These upgrades to the school will completely restore the campus’ presentation on Opening Hill Road.

The final two steps to the master plan will see a new field house built on campus and the existing gym renovated into a performing arts center.