Tuck School of Business Administration

Centerbrook added a classroom and dining hall building to the Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and renovated several adjacent buildings. The oldest business school in America, Tuck was built in the 1920s by architect Jens Frederick Larson in Georgian brick. Dartmouth required a sensitive response to this style.

A campus master plan was developed that called for a new five-story building, called Byrne Hall, to be built to the west of the Georgian Stell Hall and into the side of a deep forested ravine. Byrne's two top floors were to rise above grade at the top of the ravine to form the west wall of a small new courtyard south of Stell; and Byrne was to connect Stell, through Byrne, to the classroom level of nearby Murdough Hall to the south.

Byrne Hall has a dozen seminar rooms, two large auditorium classrooms, smaller classrooms, a large dining hall, a servery, and three small dining rooms. Stell's dining hall was converted to a large common room, through which one passes before entering Byrne for a meal. Placed off-center to the Stell common room axis, Byrne's dining hall was made to rise through the seminar level to an octagonal roof that is just visible from within the new courtyard.


Dartmouth College

Location Hanover, NH
Size 46,596 Sq. Ft.
Features addition, renovation
Program classrooms, dining
Year Completed 1993
Photo Credit Jeff Goldberg/Esto